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Privcap: Public Pensions' View on Private Equity

Outlook For 2022

In addition to traditional private equity, private credit, and venture capital; anticipated increases in taxation; and growing concerns for the environment and social justice, for 2022 and beyond TFG will be focusing on tax-advantaged and SRI/ESG oriented investments for family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals in addition to traditional private equity investments. 

For tax-advantaged investments, we will be focusing on: 

  • Real Property 1031 Exchanges 
  • 1031 Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) 
  • Tax-Advantaged Solar Investments 

For socially responsible investing (SRI) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) oriented and traditional private equity investments; we will be focusing on: 

  • Venture capital funds, especially those that will generate jobs, achieve scale, and have a positive social impact  
  • Growth capital funds, direct investments, and co-investments in private companies
  • Emerging managers 

SRI and ESG investment strategies are growing areas of focus for our clients, and we believe sustainable investing can be integrated successfully to portfolio construction without sacrificing returns. We work with carefully-selected external managers to provide customized solutions for SRI/ESG investing that deliver competitive rates of return and meet our clients’ impact investing goals. 

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